Who’s who?

Leader: Brenda Willoughby

Brenda won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music when she was sixteen. She studied with David Martin and Frederick Grinke and won several prizes. When living in Hertfordshire she combined playing and teaching with bringing up three children. For many years she was leader of the St Albans’ Chamber Orchestra and the Cambridge Symphonia. She moved to Devon in 1987 and combined teaching and an active playing career, playing with the Ten Tors Orchestra, Divertimento, The Pressenda Ensemble and Truro Three Spires.

Chair: Jessica Heywood

Jess Heywood

Jess is involved in many aspects of music and music-making in the Dartmouth area and is much in demand as a cellist, singer and teacher. She became Chairman in 2013, having already been a member of the orchestra for nine years before that. Jess is keen to promote the orchestra and to contribute in many other ways to the vibrancy of the Dartmouth music scene. Her enthusiasm and skills have done much to help the orchestra to its present strength.